Cappella Mediteranea


The Baroque music ensemble created and directed by Leonardo García Alarcón

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Leonardo García Alarcón, Saint-Denis 2022
Cappella Mediterranea, Auditorium de Dijon
Mariana Flores, Festival de Saint-Denis 2023
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Leonardo García Alarcón

In just a few short years, Argentine conductor, harpsichordist and composer Leonardo García Alarcón has become a leading figure in the world’s top music and opera institutions, from the Opéra de Paris to the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires and Geneva’s Grand Théâtre.

As a conductor and harpsichordist, he is regularly invited to perform in festivals and concert halls all over the world. In November 2018, he conducted a production of Monteverdi’s Orfeo directed by Sasha Waltz at the Berlin Staatsoper. He is a regular guest of Les Violons du Roy in Canada, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France and the Gulbenkian Orchestra. After triumphantly directing Les Indes Galantes at the Opéra Bastille, he was named best conductor in Forum Opéra’s 2019 awards.

He divides his time between France, Belgium, his native South America and Switzerland. Transmitting knowledge is one of his top priorities, and he has taught Maestro al Cembalo at Geneva’s Haute école de musique since 2002.

In 2020, Leonardo García Alarcón became director of La Cité Bleue, a 300-seat concert hall in Geneva that is currently being renovated. It is due to open in 2024, but its programming already launched in 2023 with an initial season off-site.


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Discover our repertoire through over thirty recordings for Alpha Classics, Ambronay Éditions, Ricercar and Naïve.


Cappella Mediterranea

le 26/01/2024 à 09:50:32

📰 PRESSE // Vêpres de Monteverdi Une moisson de critiques élogieuses après les deux premiers concerts de la tourn

Cappella Mediterranea

le 25/01/2024 à 16:48:20

🎶 Le génie de Claudio Monteverdi, encore et toujours ! Triomphe à Bozar hier soir pour notre “Orfeo” en version d

Cappella Mediterranea

le 24/01/2024 à 15:42:52

📸 “Les 3 ténors”… et le chef Notre Orphée Valerio Contaldo, les pasteurs Pierre Antoine Chaumien et Alessandro G

Cappella Mediterranea

le 22/01/2024 à 13:58:30

✨ Quand les splendeurs musicales de Monteverdi répondent aux ors de la Chapelle Royale de Versailles ! Deuxième con

Cappella Mediterranea

le 20/01/2024 à 14:33:17

😊🎶 Répétition des Vêpres de Monteverdi à la Cité musicale-Metz 📣 Concert ce soir à 20h ! 👉 https://bi

Cappella Mediterranea

le 11/01/2024 à 16:07:03

CONCERT // L’Orfeo 📆 24 janvier 2024 – Bozar 📆 9 mars 2024 – La Cité Bleue Genève 👉 https://cappellamediterr

Cappella Mediterranea

le 09/01/2024 à 09:19:01

TOURNÉE // Vespro della Beata Vergine Du 20 au 31 janvier, Cappella Mediterranea ouvre son année 2024 avec l’un des p

Cappella Mediterranea

le 08/01/2024 à 10:10:07

Nous vous souhaitons une très belle année 2024, pleine de musique et de joie ! ✨ Pour Cappella Mediterranea, 2024 s

Cappella Mediterranea

le 20/12/2023 à 09:21:07

📣 OFFRE D’EMPLOI 📣 Nous recrutons un(e) attaché(e) au mécénat et aux relations publiques. Plus d’informations e


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Cappella Mediterranea

Cappella Mediterranea was founded in 2005 by Swiss-Argentine conductor Leonardo García Alarcón. As the ensemble’s name suggests, its passion is rooted in music from the Mediterranean region, and it aims to offer a new approach to Latin baroque music. Since its inception, Cappella Mediterranea’s repertoire has expanded to include madrigals, polyphonic motets and opera. The ensemble performs in over 45 concerts a year. This blending of genres defines the ensemble’s unique style, as does the rare complicity between Leonardo García Alarcón and his musicians.

Major projects in 2023 include productions of Antonio Draghi’s oratorio, Il Dono della Vita Eterna, and Philippe d’Orléans’ La Jérusalem Délivrée, in collaboration with the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles.

Cappella Mediterranea’s recordings include over 30 critically acclaimed albums for Ambronay Editions, Naïve, Ricercar and Alpha classics. In 2021 it released Lamenti & Sospiri (Ricercar) with Mariana Flores and Julie Roset, and Monteverdi’s Orfeo (Alpha classics), with Valerio Contaldo in the title role, and in 2022, the world premiere of Sacrati’s La Finta Pazza (Versailles spectacles). Amore Siciliano, a ‘mini Tosca’ that draws upon 17th and 18th century Italian classical and popular music, is set to be released in 2023

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