Cappella Mediteranea

Alfonsina, Mariana Flores

Mariana Flores, Quito Gato, Alfonsina, Cappella Mediterranea

Mariana Flores and Quito Gato guide us in this sweet, lighthearted exploration of popular South American songs. Thanks to the powerful energy of these two musicians, the audience is invited to daydream and discover a whole new palette of emotions that are at once contradictory and magnificent.

“We simply wanted to open our hearts and share a part of our intimacy, and this music that is part of our lives. We bear ourselves naked, without trying to adopt any particular position. We feel the same energy when we come into contact with the music, and that’s what gives our interpretation its strength. It’s wonderful to be able to share this kind of relationship.”

Mariana Flores

Canciones Argentinas

In this radiant concert, soprano Mariana Flores pays tribute to the women of Latin America, depicting their loves, pains and joys in music, through popular songs from Argentina, the Cujo wine region and elsewhere. Quito Gato, who is also behind the arrangements, accompanies her on piano and guitar, alongside Romain Lecuyer on double bass. For the two fellow Argentines, this recital is an opportunity to introduce audiences to some of the most beautiful popular songs from their homeland from the 20th century onwards, including Dorotea la cautiva and Alfonsina y el mar.

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19 Octobre 2024


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18 Octobre 2024


Accéder à la billetterie

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This programme is sponsored by Caroline-Denyse Rilliet.

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Mariana Flores, soprano
Quito Gato, guitar, piano, arrangements
Romain Lécuyer, double bass


Sueño de la vendimia
Ismael Guerrero – Jorge Viñas

Tonada de un viejo amor
Jaime Dávalos – Eduardo Falú

Regreso a la tonada
Armando Tejada Gómez – Tito Francia

Calle Angosta
José Adimantos Zabala y José Alfonso

Tonada de otoño
Jorge Sosa – Damián Sanchez

Juana Azurduy
Félix Luna – Ariel Ramírez

Dorotea la cautiva
Félix Luna – Ariel Ramírez

Quien te amaba ya se va
Anonymous – ed. Alberto Rodríguez

Febrero en San Luis
Néstor Basurto

Zamba para no morir
Norberto Jorge Ambros – Héctor Alfredo Rosales – Hamlet Lima Quintana

La Pomeña
Manuel J. Castilla – Gustavo Leguizamón

Compadre del sol
Gregorio Torcetta – Aníbal Cuadros

Azahares de Magnolias
Daniel García

Entre a mi pago sin golpear
Pablo Raúl Trullenque – Carlos Carabajal

Alfonsina y el mar
Félix Luna – Ariel Ramírez

Performance running time: approx 50 minutes

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