Cappella Mediteranea

Sogno di una notte veneziana

Sogno di una notte veneziana reinvents the world through songs of suffering, heartache, surrender and death. A musical foray into the world of dreams.

“Cavalli’s Sinfonia de la Notte gives the instrumentalists the opportunity to display their musical complicity under the watchful eye of Leonardo García Alarcón, who sits behind his harpsichord. Soprano Mariana Flores continued to bring her theatrical flair to the stage with Claudio Monteverdi’s Voglio di vita uscir . Her supple, beautiful vocals won over the audience. The concert concluded with Barbara Strozzi’s Che si puo fare . In this piece, voice and instruments alternate, providing room for Flores to showcase her expressive gestures. Fascinating!”

Jean-Noël Démard for Resmusica

Dreaming in music

Cappella Mediterranea, directed by Leonardo García Alarcón, transports us to this magical universe in “Sogno di una notte veneziana”.

“Opera emerged as a musical genre when composers like Giulio Caccini began to sing and accompany themselves. This concert gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to these composers who were at the origins of opera. The audience will be invited to take a journey to Venice, where the world’s first public theatre opened in 1637. This programme also features the music of composer-singer Barbara Strozzi, who was a pupil of Francesco Cavalli and published her own works.” Leonardo García Alarcón


Works by Caccini, Frescobaldi, Monteverdi, Cavalli, Strozzi and Cesti

Full programme available upon request. Performance running time: 75 minutes with or without intermission.


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18 Décembre 2023


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15 Décembre 2023


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