Cappella Mediteranea

Falvetti, Il Diluvio universale

Il Diluvio Universale Falvetti, Leonardo García Alarcón, Krakow, Festival Misteria Paschalia - Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic, Chœur de Chambre de Namur, Cappella Mediterranea

Since Cappella Mediterranea’s beginnings, few works have inspired such intense public emotion as the rediscovery of Diluvio Universale, a masterpiece by long-forgotten composer Michelangelo Falvetti (1642-1692). The incredible beauty of this music is bound to touch anyone who listens to it.

One of the greatest triumphs on the musical scene! Simply enchanting!

“A wonderful lesson in music … and theatre!

Selvam Thorez, Bachtrack

Cappella Mediterranea’s biggest success!

Following in the tradition of Carissimi and Handel, Falvetti brings us this highly original music that is reminiscent of Sicily, a land of mixed cultures known for its blending of Eastern and Western songs. Il Diluvio Universale, a “dialogue for five voices and five instruments”, was first performed in Messina in 1682, when Michelangelo Falvetti was appointed choirmaster of the cathedral. The story is taken from one of the most well-known and tragic episodes in the Old Testament. Weary of mankind’s wickedness and corruption, God decides to eliminate man and all other forms of life, unleashing rain on earth for forty days and forty nights. He only spares Noah, his family and the animals of each species that he orders to be housed in the Ark. The topic lends itself perfectly to operatic treatment, and its two creators draw inspiration from it very effectively throughout the play. The libretto, written by Vincenzo Giattini, allowed Falvetti to exploit the drama with a level of genius that can rarely be found in works of the same period.

Prochaines dates

30 Juin 2024


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Act I

In Cielo, Orchestra di Angeli, Giustizia Divina, Elementi, Acqua

Act II

In Terra, Rad, Noè, dio, Coro (Figli di Noè)


Il Diluvio, Morte, Natura humana, Noè, Rad, Coro (l’umanità)

Act IV

In l’arca di Noè, Noé, Rad, Coro

Performance running time: 1 hour 30 minutes with intermission



Valerio Contaldo, Noé, tenor
Ana Quintans, Rad, soprano
Kacper Szelążek, Death, countretenor
Matteo Bellotto, God, bass
Rachel Redmond,Water, soprano
Ana Viera Leite, Air & Human Nature, soprano
Anthea Pichanick, Divine justice, alto

Chœur de Chambre de Namur
Direction Leonardo García Alarcón

What the press is saying

Concert Classique – Coups de Cœur à Chantilly

The Argentine conductor describes Diluvio as a ‘catalogue’ of human emotions, music that you must see to hear”. With all the theatrical experience he has gained since 2010, there can be no doubt that he will be able to explore and highlight the work’s dramatic qualities to an even greater extent
Alain Cochard for Concert classique
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Garcia Alarcón submerges Versailles with Falvetti’s Il Diluvio universale – Versailles, 2016

The soloists, Cappella Mediterranea and Namur’s Chœur de Chambre are now seasoned performers, thanks to numerous performances and a 2011 recording. This evening in Versailles, they completely mastered the dramatic dynamics of this extraordinary oratorio, revealing to the audience their complicity and the pleasure they take in playing together. A wonderful lesson in music … and theatre!
Selvam Thorez for Bachtrack
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