Cappella Mediteranea

Carmina Latina

Carmina Latina, Mariana Flores, Cappella Mediterranea, Festival d'Ambronay

Leonardo García Alarcón invites us to accompany him and his ensemble on an exciting musical journey that takes us from the polyphony of the Iberian Peninsula to the sacred music of Latin America. He introduces us to the Spanish and Portuguese composers who set out to conquer the New World, where they drew inspiration from local traditions to produce a form of sacred music that is at once joyful, profound and triumphant.

We are transported by this music that is lively, festive, and jubilant, as well as by the energy of the performers. There are many syncopations and hemiolas, and the singers often showcase their dance steps.

Stephane Reecht, Resmuica

Baroque music, from Spain to the New World

After the conquest of the Americas, Spanish and Portuguese ecclesiastics and musicians exported their polyphonic traditions to the new lands. Musicians like Juan de Araujo and Tomas de Torrejon y Velasco settled in Latin America (Peru and Argentia, respectively). Others were born in the New World, like Gaspar Fernández, who spent his entire career in his native Mexico. The music libraries of Latin American churches have conserved a large number of manuscripts. Some contain pieces that have long been lost in Europe.

While these musicians brought their skills as polyphonists to the “New World”, they were also intrigued by local popular traditions. They even adapted the texts of the Catholic liturgy to local languages. This programme showcases this movement in the Iberian polyphonic tradition and also documents the travels of the musicians in Europe, including the Spaniard Tomás Luis de Victoria, whose stay in Rome allowed him to immerse himself in the style of the papal household.

With his usual musical flair, Leonardo García Alarcón turns this sacred programme into a hymn to divinity, carried by frenzied rhythms and unchained performers.

Prochaines dates

05 Novembre 2023


Les riches heures de Valère – Basilique de Valère

Sion, Switzerland

Accéder à la billeterie


Sacred and popular music of Baroque South America.

Works by Romero, de Araujo, Flecha, Victoria and de Salazar.


Performance running time: approx. 1 hour

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Soloists of Cappella Mediterranea

Cast of 19 May 2023 – Festival Agapé, Carouge

Mariana Flores soprano
David Sagastume
counter tenor (19 May 2023 – Carouge) / Leandro Marziotte ( 5 November 2023 – Sion)
Francisco Fernández-Rueda
tenor (19 May 2023 – Carouge) / Valerio Contaldo ( 5 November 2023 – Sion)
Matteo Bellotto

Cappella Mediterranea
Chœur de chambre de Namur
Leonardo García Alarcón

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