To save his protegé from a fatal destiny, a magician has imprisoned knights and ladies in an enchanted labyrinthine palace and mystifies them to the point of delirium.

Luigi Rossi's first opera - boasting sixteen soloists, double and triple choirs for 6 and 12 voices, numerous ballets  - marked the last surge of Roman opera before the Eternal City forsook it for a long time. For the Argentine conductor Leonardo García Alarcón, who rediscovered the opera in the Vatican Library neglected for 380 years, Il palazzo incantatois ‘the missing link in the history of opera and the metaphor of our lives'. 
‘Leonardo Garcia Alarcon was known as a magician, now he has become a conjurer.’ (Le Monde)

Orlando Victor Sicard
Angelica Arianna Vendittelli
Ruggiero Fabio Trümpy
Bradamante / The Painting Deanna Breiwick
Atlante Mark Milhofer
Olympia / The Music Lucía Martín-Cartón
Marfisa / The Magic / Doralice Mariana Flores
Gigante / Sacripante / Gradasso Grigory Soloviov
Prasildo / The Dwarf Kacper Szelążek
Alceste André Lacerda
Ferrau / Astolfo Valerio Contaldo
Fiordiligi / Poetry Gwendoline Blondeel
Mandricardo Alexander Miminoshvili
Dancers Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Zora Snake
Comedians Pascal Carbon, Adrien Philippon, Priscilla Bescond, Sarah Mussard, Emeline Losange, Juliette Tardif, Raphaël Mena
Chorus Chœur de l'Opéra de Dijon, Choeur de Chambre de Namur
Orchestra Cappella Mediterranea
Music Luigi Rossi
Conductor Leonardo García Alarcón
Director Fabrice Murgia
Set Designer Vincent Lemaire
Costume Designer Clara Peluffo Valentini
Lighting Designer Emily Brassier, Giacinto Caponio
Vocal coach Jacopo Raffaele
Choir master Anass Ismat
Video director Giacinto Caponio
Music director assistant Rodrigo Calveyra, Fabián Schofrin
Assistant director Filippo Ferraresi
Frames Johann Michalzcak, David Vong
Costume realization Workshops of the Opéra national de Lorraine
Decoration realization Workshops of the Dijon Opera & Eclectik Sceno for the design of an element of the decor
Editing of sheet music Cappella Mediterranea / Transcription Pascal Duc Revisions & practical edition: Leonardo García Alarcón
Creator of subtitles Richard Neel