Few composers paint human emotion as vividly or with greater insight, wit and poignancy than Barbara Strozzi – the pioneering Venetian composer, born 400 years ago, whose songs and madrigals stand alongside Monteverdi’s as some of the greatest of the age.

Argentine soprano Mariana Flores and period-instrument ensemble Cappella Mediterranea celebrate Strozzi’s anniversary with a selection of love songs by the composer and her contemporaries, including the arresting ‘Lagrime mie’ and the touching ‘Che si puo fare’.

There will be no interval


  • Barbara Strozzi L'amante segreto(8 mins)
  • Antonia Bembo Ercole amante – 'Mingannasti in verità'(3 mins
  • Barbara Strozzi Che si può fare(10 mins)
  • Antonia Bembo Ercole amante – 'Volgete altrove il guardo'(4 mins)
  • Barbara Strozzi Sino alla morte(12 mins)
  • Francesco Cavalli Ercole amante – 'E vuol dunque Ciprigna'(3 mins)
  • Barbara Strozzi Lagrime mie(9 mins)



    Mariana Flores, soprano

    Rodrigo Calveyra, recorder and cornet

    Marie Bournisien, harp

    Margaux Blanchard, viola de gamba

    Monica Pustilnik, archiluth and guitar

    Quito Gato, theorbo, guitar and drums

    Leonardo García Alarcón, harpsichord, organ and direction