After the memorable Medea by Cherubini, Il Giasone alternates between tragedy and buffoonery, adapting mythological legend to its own ends. The work by Francesco Cavalli, premiered at the Venetian carnival, presents a mosaic of contrasting episodes rich in musical emotion. The most popular opera of the 17th centsury focuses mainly on the loves of Jason and Medea. Cavalli’s music is remarkably evocative. The musica subjugates the drama, and Il Giasone represents the subtle balance between song and speech. Elements of comedy, tragedy and “super-natural” coincide and intermingle. The lamenti by Cavalli are incomparable and represent the climax of the work. in italian with english and french subtitles

Musical Director Leonardo García Alarcón
Stage Director Serena Sinigaglia
Set & Costumes Designer Ezio Toffolutti
Lighting Designer Ezio Toffolutti & Simon Trottet

Giasone Valer Sabadus
Medea Kristina Hammarström
Isifile Sole Kristina Mkhitaryan
Ercole Alexander Milev*
Besso Günes Gürle
Egeo Raúl Giménez
Oreste & Giove Willard White
Demo & Volano Migran Agadzhanyan*
Delfa & Eolo Dominique Visse
Alinda Mariana Flores
Amore Mary Feminear