Monteverdi, L'Orfeo

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Cologne, Koelner Philharmonie


Boulogne-Billancourt, La Seine Musicale


Namur, Namur Concert Hall - Grand Manège



L'Orfeo - Claudio Monteverdi (1567–1643)

Favola in musica in a prologue and five acts on a libretto by Alessandro Striggio, premiered in 1607 at the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua.

Based on the myth of Orpheus trying to save his wife Eurydice from the Underworld, Orfeo was a milestone in the history of music, marking the musical end of the Renaissance and the beginning of the Baroque period, and placing, in The Birth of the Individual in Art, "the individual at the center of the new musical world". Leonardo García Alarcón and Cappella Mediterranea brilliantly interpret this magnificent love song, this poetic and theatrical fable about the power of music.

Valerio Contaldo, Orfeo
Mariana Flores Musica, Euridice
Guiseppina Bridelli (Strasbourg), La Messagiera
Anna Reihnold, Proserpina, Speranza
Alejandro Meerapfel, Plutone
Salvo Vitale (Aix-en-Provence) / Andreas Wolf (Strasbourg), Caronte
Matteo Bellotto, Pastore
Nicholas Scott, Pastore, Spirito, Eco
Leandro Marziotte, Pastore
Alessandro Giangrande, Pastore, Apollo
Julie Roset (Aix-en-Provence), Ninfa

Choeur de chambre de Namur
Cappella Mediterranea
Leonardo García Alarcón Direction musicale


2017 tournée à l'occasion du 410 anniversaire  de l'Orfeo de Monteverdi dans une production avec :

  • Jean Bellorini, mise en scène et lumières (*à saint-denis)
  • Mathieu Coblentz* et Fabian Schofrin, collaborateurs artistiques
  • Monica Pustilnik, Assistante musicale
  • Chœur de Chambre de Namur
  • Cappella Mediterranea
  • Direction, Leonardo García Alarcón

Mai 2022 : en version de concert à l'Opéra National du Rhin, Strasbourg

Juillet 2022 : en version de concert au Festival d'Aix-en-Provence